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Motivate was awarded best new app from Apple Healthline called Motivate one of the best motivation apps

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Motivate for iOS and Android features thousands of empowering full-length videos and speeches from some of the world's most inspiring speakers, mentors and life coaches. What are you waiting for? Download Motivate and take your first step towards a better life.

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5 stars
I thoroughly enjoy using this app for its uplifting and truly motivating content.
5 stars
This is the best app in the world. It has helped me to become so much stronger and wiser. I just love it.
5 stars
Life is a journey and I use Motivate to help me get through the toughest times. Thank you.
5 stars
Gives me daily motivation when needed and it’s just a great way to find positivity in any negative situations
5 stars
The app I need EVERYDAY! Sometimes, multiple times per day ❤️
5 stars
I’ve been using this app for years. It’s helped me through a lot, and continues to do so.
5 stars
If you’re looking for fuel for the soul, this is it.
5 stars
Thank you this app can change lives forever.

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